Thunder Bay
Oliver Reimer, Certified Teacher

Drawing with both sides of your brain

I had a very fun art discovery during a visit to Berlin this Oktober. As is often the case when something goes wrong you have an opportunity to learn something new. I was drawing in my  notebook until suddenly I could hardly move my right hand. We were at a free noon hour concert at...

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Ink and airplanes

November 28, 2018 — Feldenkrais and drawing accidents. How do you deal with things that take an unexpected turn? If our orientation is toward process rather than result you just “go with the flow”. This is the entrance to the deep source of ideas. If we are just looking for the final result an accident...

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November  22, 2018 —– Dr. Feldenkrais talked about the self image – recognizing it and improving it. I had no idea about the Feldenkrais Method when I made these paintings in the early ’80s. When I pay attention I start remembering my dreams. This series began with a dream that wouldn’t let me forget it....

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Creativity and the Feldenkrais Method

  November 20, 2018 — What is a drawing? In the Feldenkrais Method we explore movement. What else is a drawing but movement, the traces that we leave on paper that show how our hands have moved? That gave me an idea while sitting on an airplane recently – jammed in a window seat and...

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My home and practice is, in Thunder Bay, in the Robinson-Superior Treaty territory and this land is the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg and Métis people.