Thunder Bay
Oliver Reimer, Certified Teacher

Spring – Summer 2020

Online Taiji class:

  • Tues and Thurs 10 to 11am is a class of warming-up movement, qigong, meditation and 8 Forms
  • Tues and Thurs 11 – 12 noon is based on learning or refining 24 Forms movements.
  • To participate you need to download Zoom.us which is a free application.
  • You also need to do this with a device with a camera. We need to see each other.
  • Please register via the Contact page.
  • The fee for the 10-11am class is a donation the the United Way Community Support fund.
  • The fee for the 11-12 class is $10


Taiji classes at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre are cancelled till further notice.

  • 24 Forms – Intermediate
  • Advancing Taiji
    For information about other Taiji  classes you can follow the links below:


Taijiquan; The Art of Nurturing the Science of Power

Dr. Yang Yang has been a major influence in my study of Taiji. His book, Taijiquan; The Art of Nurturing the Science of Power is an elegant presentation that brings together traditional Chinese taiji theory with the western scientific perspective. Dr. Yang is both a master of the Chen Style of Taiji and has a PhD in Kinesiology. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand more of the ideas behind taijiquan.

Awareness Through Movement

How could you change how you do this so it gets very enjoyable?