Thunder Bay
Oliver Reimer, Certified Teacher

Taiji classes 2024

Taiji class via Zoom
  1. Thursdays 11 – 12 noon
  2. Class is on a drop-in basis
  3. Please phone (807) 345-6209 to register or Contact
  4. Class is on drop-in basis and $5 per class
  5. Keep track of how many classes you participate in and pay $5 per class by e-transfer, cheque, cash or PayPal
Taiji class at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre
  1. Mondays 11 – 12 noon
  2. Fall  session begins September 9, 2024
  3. Register by phone (807) 625-8463

Taijiquan; The Art of Nurturing the Science of Power

Dr. Yang Yang has been a major influence in my study of Taiji. His book, Taijiquan; The Art of Nurturing the Science of Power is an elegant presentation that brings together traditional Chinese taiji theory with the western scientific perspective. Dr. Yang is both a master of the Chen Style of Taiji and has a PhD in Kinesiology. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to understand more of the ideas behind taijiquan.

Master Peng Youlian has been my teacher for many years. His generosity and enthusiasm have brought me deeper into the choreography and the community of Taiji practicers. I always remember his metaphor that Taiji is like a net that you use to catch fish.  The fish is what nourishes you. This is what Taiji is for me now – a vehicle that I can use to gain ever greater understanding of my physical moving self.

The Feldenkrais Method, in which we explore movement is the other influence. While Taiji involves performance the Feldenkrais method is just about the inner exploration of mind/body/emotion. The fish so to speak.

My home and practice is, in Thunder Bay, in the Robinson-Superior Treaty territory and this land is the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg and Métis people.