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Oliver Reimer, Certified Teacher

Impossible becomes possible; possible becomes easy; easy becomes elegant.

The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Are you stuck at home?  We can still get together.

I’m teaching Awareness Through Movement and Taiji classes using Zoom. One participant refers to these classes as a “lifeboat” during these troubled times.

    • There are some advantages to Zoom classes.
    • You don’t have to drive on icy roads.
      • The room temperature is exactly what you like.
    • The comfort and safety of your home helps you feel relaxed so you can get the most out of the lessons
    • You can get together with old and new friends who may live in the same city or many provinces apart.
    • You don’t need to wear a mask.
    • ATM schedule
    • Taiji schedule
    • Questions? Contact me.

This mind-body approach combines movement and awareness to teach people of all ages and conditions to move and live more comfortably and effectively.

Why do people do Feldenkrais® ?

You can learn to:

  • increase ease of movement
  • practice mindfulness
  • improve posture, balance and flexibility
  • prevent injury
  • increase energy
  • reduce stress and fatigue
  • improve concentration
  • ease pain

All people, regardless of age or condition, have the ability to improve. Movement is the primary mode for learning in the Feldenkrais Method. It is taught in either a class setting or in private sessions. 

Here is an article by Jane E Brody, in the New York Times. She is no longer sceptical about the Feldenkrais Method. Read more

Who was Moshe Feldenkrais?

Dr. Feldenkrais (1904-1984) was a Judo expert, a physicist and a creative thinker. His study of how to rehabilitate his severe knee injury led him to understanding what we now know as neuroplasticity — that our brains can “rewire” to replace patterns of pain and inefficient ways of moving. That we can improve and keep improving throughout our life. It doesn’t mean we can get younger but our lives can get richer as we learn ourselves from the inside out.

The origin of Moshe Feldenkrais’ therapeutic method reads more like a spy thriller than a neuroscience textbook. Read more


What is the Feldenkrais Method™?

This video highlights some of the movements used in the Feldenkrais Method:

This video of Baby Liv is a lovely example of how we learn to move by experimenting. Of course as adults and we learn differently, but the idea of improving by experimenting and playing with movement is part of our human potential.

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“Feldenkrais Turned Back my Clock”

A year ago I had Arthritis in my hips, knees and feet. Walking was difficult and not pleasant. At one point I was limping and people stopped to ask if I was alright. I hated the thought of being seen as an old person. I had a number of ailments for which I was being treated and monitored. I could not get up from lying on the floor without pulling myself up by some nearby object or leave a chair without pushing down on the chair arms. I easily lost my balance and was having a hard time putting on my socks and shoes. It seemed that I was doomed to slow deterioration in an armchair wearing slippers.
Today at 81, I can walk comfortably and strongly without any walking aid, as a result of “Awareness through Movement” group lessons; 2 private lessons took care of the limp. I can get up from the floor or a chair independently without losing my balance. I never notice my ailments. I feel as healthy as I did 10 years ago. I am more flexible and have found my own best way of doing everything independently. People treat me in the same way as they do anyone else. According to any doctor I see, I am healthy. I am working hard at two projects of my favourite activity and can think as clearly and concentrate as well as I could in my prime after sleeping for 4 or 5 hours. I am happy and full of hope for the future. I don’t know how Feldenkrais works but work it does.
Don W.
Hello Oliver,
I wanted to thank you for the help that your classes have provided. At 65 years of age it is hard to change the way you have been moving all your life. After our personal one hour session I have actually changed the way I walk. It took a serious knee injury to force me to change but I realize that if I had taken advantage of your advice years ago I would not be as injured as I am now. I now walk smoothly and effortlessly, without any strain on my body. This is help that I would not have got from a physio or doctor.
Thank you for helping with my recovery,
Boris M.

My home and practice is, in Thunder Bay, in the Robinson-Superior Treaty territory and this land is the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg and Métis people.